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At BISM our senior programs are designed specifically for individuals 55 and older who are blind. 

For blind seniors – many of whom still live alone – maintaining independence is vitally important.  BISM understands this need and provides opportunities for our senior students to regain and sustain their autonomy. 

BISM’s Senior program is provided at these four locations:

  • Baltimore
  • Salisbury
  • Cumberland
  • Hagerstown

BISM’s programs improve seniors’ quality of life by helping to develop:

  • Nonvisual skills for accomplishing daily tasks.
  • Self-confidence and self-sufficiency
  • Increased community involvement and social interaction
  • A network of peer support and resources
Two seniors walking down a hallway

Seniors Achieving Independent Living (SAIL)

This center-based program meets twice a week, like CORE, and focuses on teaching essential nonvisual skills.  Seniors engage in hands-on activities and receive personalized instruction to enhance their independence.

Instructor showing a blind student how to cut strawberries

In-home Training

For those who prefer or require or require personalized assistance in their own homes, BISM’s in-home training program brings our expert instructors to the senior’s home.  This allows for one-on-one instruction tailored to the individual’s specific environment and needs.

BISM senior students having a tea party

Monthly Support Groups

This group of seniors meets monthly and provides a platform for seniors to share experiences, offer mutual support, and build a sense of community.  Facilitated by senior students, the support groups also introduce various resources and strategies for coping with blindness. 

Baltimore Support Group meets the 1st Friday of the month.

Salisbury Support Group meets the 4th Monday of the month.

Cumberland and Hagerstown Support Groups are TBA.

Seniors visiting Ronald McDonald House during the holidays

Community Based Workshops

These workshops are held in various locations and focus on integrating seniors into their communities.  Topics include navigating public transportation, financial management, participating in social activities, and utilizing community resources effectively.

Each of these programs are designed to help our senior students lead more independent and fulfilling lives.  At BISM, we are committed to empowering blind seniors to achieve their highest potential and enjoy a rich quality of life.

Are you ready to get started?

For more information contact our Senior Staff at (410) 737-2600 or email Danielle Earl at or Amy Crouse at to learn more about our senior programs and find the right option for you.  

BISM is dedicated to providing career and training resources to Blind and Low-vision individuals of all ages. We positively change people’s attitudes about blindness.

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