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Pathways to Employment

Bridging the Gap to Employment.

Our Pathways to Employment program offers a structured pathway for participants to establish and maintain a consistent job search routine, facilitating their transition back into the workforce. This comprehensive program includes both job coaching and job development services, providing personalized support and guidance to help participants achieve their career goals. Here’s what participants can expect:

Orientation and Ongoing Support

  • Participants commence with an orientation session and receive continuous guidance from instructors throughout the program duration, spanning a month.
  • The program’s structured format encourages independent work, fostering accountability and self-reliance.

Skill Requirements and Development

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and internet research is essential, reflecting the demands of modern workplaces.
  • As participants progress, they will apply for various employment opportunities, necessitating increased discipline and commitment.

Professional Document Development

  • Participants receive comprehensive instruction on crafting effective cover letters, resumes, and other professional documents.
  • Best strategies for job application are explored, empowering participants to present themselves competitively in the job market.

Navigating the Hiring Process

  • Discussions on addressing blindness-related concerns during the hiring process equip participants with strategies to navigate potential challenges effectively.
  • Customized material addressing individual needs and goals enhances the relevance and impact of the program.

Work Ethic and Accountability

  • Emulating a job environment, participants are expected to treat each day of the program with the dedication and professionalism of a remote position.
  • Regular check-ins with designated program coordinators, completion of assignments, and record-keeping of daily activities foster a disciplined approach.


For additional information, contact Kariza Goncalves at (410) 737-2653 or

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