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BISM Trains

Since 1986, BISM’s Independence Training and Rehabilitation (ITR) Division offers programs and services that provide comprehensive life skills training for blind and low-vision individuals of all ages.

Our mission at BISM is to provide every student that walks through our doors with the ability to achieve self-sufficiency, personal growth, and independence. 

Our instructors, most of whom are blind, serve as mentors and teach nonvisual life skills classes. BISM’s ITR programs for youth, adults, and seniors, all feature training in four crucial areas:

Woman sitting at desk smiling as she works with Braille box


In braille, students learn to read and write effectively using braille code.  This allows them to take notes, label items, organize appointments and schedules, and maintain records and files. 

BISM Student working on the computer


In technology, students learn to use the keyboard non-visually to navigate programs without using a mouse.  Using screen reading software, students gain experience with word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, internet browsing, and social media. They also learn to use smartphones, tablets, and useful apps.

Home Management

In home management, students learn how to select recipes, plan meals, shop for groceries, and label and organize food and household items.  Students develop alternative techniques for cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and doing laundry. 

Two seniors walking through hallway with long white canes


In travel, students learn to use the long white cane to travel confidently and independently in their communities, across the county, and around the world.  Students learn to cross busy streets, use public transportation, navigate in large crowds, and use environmental information and cues to orients themselves to familiar and unfamiliar environments. 

Learn more about:

Youth Programming

Young camper relaxes in chair at table full of craft supplies. The boy, wearing a black shirt, is creating a poster.

Adult Programming

BISM instructor with a student navigating the steps with a white cane.

Senior Programming

Senior students in the kitchen baking something good.


To schedule a tour or to learn more, contact Matt Yannuzzi, Manager of Independence Training and Rehabilitation at (410) 737-2600 or

BISM is dedicated to providing career and training resources to Blind and Low-vision individuals of all ages. We positively change people’s attitudes about blindness.

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