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Workforce Development

BISM empowers blind individuals for employment success.

70% of blind individuals are either underemployed or unemployed.

At BISM, we are working towards lowering that statistic by empowering blind individuals on their journey to fulfilling and sustainable employment. Through our comprehensive programs, we provide tailored support to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by blind individuals in the workforce. 

We offer two programs that, together, create a holistic approach guiding participants from assessment to employment readiness, and ultimately, towards meaningful and rewarding careers.

BISM Student working on a 3-d printer with partner organization Harford Community college.

Work Readiness Assessment Program (WRAP)

WRAP evaluates readiness and proficiency, laying the foundation for personalized coaching and development.

BISM student on the computer looking for a job.

Pathways to Employment

BISM’s Pathways to Employment program equips participants with the skills, confidence, and strategies necessary to navigate the job market successfully.

Are you looking for a job readiness program structured for blind individuals?

Our job readiness program offers a holistic approach, blending skill development, practical application, and professional guidance to empower participants on their journey toward meaningful employment. With a focus on accountability, skill enhancement, and personalized support, participants are equipped to seize opportunities and embark on successful career paths.

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BISM is dedicated to providing career and training resources to Blind and Low-vision individuals of all ages. We positively change people’s attitudes about blindness.

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