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Work Readiness Assessment Program (WRAP)

WRAP caters to blind individuals who possess the skills and readiness for employment but have encountered challenges securing a job.

Tailored to evaluate their professionalism and blindness-specific skills, our comprehensive approach aims to maximize their potential and readiness for the workforce. The program is divided into two phases and culminates with personalized recommendations.

Assessment Phase

During the initial phase, we meticulously assess various facets crucial for employment success:
  1. Professionalism and Blindness Skills Evaluation:
    • Through personalized assessments, we gauge proficiency in utilizing preferred methods of travel and technology.
    • A Braille assessment is conducted when deemed appropriate, ensuring comprehensive evaluation tailored to individual needs.
  2. In-Home Assessment:
    • Conducting home visits allows us to assess the suitability of their environment for a job search routine.
    • Factors such as internet accessibility and transportation availability are meticulously evaluated to identify potential barriers.
  3. Independent Living Skills Assessment:
    • We assess the speed, accuracy, and completion of daily living tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and laundry.
  4. Career Assessment:
    • This self-assessment helps clients discover work activities and occupations that excite them.
    • Clients identify and learn about interest areas most relevant to themselves, guiding them towards fulfilling career paths.
  5. Mock Interviews and Resume Building:
    • Two mock interviews are conducted, providing valuable insights into interview performance and areas for improvement.
    • Throughout the process, participants receive personalized guidance on resume refinement and crafting effective cover letters.

Customized Coaching Phase

Armed with insights gathered during the assessment phase, we transition into a tailored coaching phase:
  1. Week One: Assessment and Observation:
    • No training is conducted during the initial week as we focus on thorough assessment and observation.
    • This period allows us to gather comprehensive data to inform the subsequent coaching process effectively.
  2. Week Two: Customized Coaching:
    • Leveraging the data collected, we develop personalized coaching plans tailored to individual strengths and areas for growth.
    • Participants receive targeted guidance, skill-building exercises, and strategies to enhance their readiness for employment.

Outcomes and Recommendations

Upon completion of the program, a detailed report is compiled for the counselor, offering quantifiable recommendations based on the participant’s performance and progress throughout the program. These recommendations serve as a roadmap for continued support and development in pursuit of sustainable employment opportunities.


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