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Meet Pedro Kellam: Operations Associate in Salisbury

Pedro Kellam, wearing gray shirt, smiles knowingly into the camera.

Originally from Painter, Virginia, Pedro has worked as an Operations Associate in Salisbury for the past four years.

As an Associate, who has the skills to work in any department on the manufacturing floor, Pedro possesses a spirit for being a light for others, walking strong in his faith, and spending quality time with those he cares about most. Get to know Pedro a bit more in the interview below.

What first brought you to Salisbury?
Well, there was a beautiful woman in my life who told me it was time to give up my old bachelor lifestyle and settle down. So, I did, married her, and moved to Salisbury. June of this year marks seventeen years that we have been together.

Do you have any children?
Yes, I have two girls, my oldest is twenty-three and lives in Virginia while my youngest is eleven. I love my girls.

How did you find out about BISM?
I learned about BISM about four years ago as I was having some vision loss due to diabetes. Because of this, I was home, bored, and needed something to do. By luck, my wife was good friends with Amy Craus’ husband. He told Amy about me and that I was looking for work. Next thing you know, I ended up at BISM.

What type of work did you do before BISM?
I had my own cab service right here in Salisbury. I had my business for about seven years. I remember when I realized when I was losing my vision. I had just pulled in my driveway. I got out of the car, went to look down the street and realized that I could not see.

Being a driver here in Salisbury, had you ever interacted with Blind people?
Yes. Funny enough, I encountered Blind people all the time, but never knew about BISM. However, this was not my only experience with blindness. The woman who raised me as a child was also Blind. She did everything on her own and taught me so many important lessons in life. Looking back, I am glad to have had that experience with her because it prepared me for my own path.

What is most important to you?
Spending time with my family and just being able to provide for them. When I owned my business, I could provide for them in a big way. When I lost my vision, I was not sure how I was going to continue to do that, but now I see that I am able. That means a lot to me.

What three items would you take to a deserted island?
Water, my Bible because that sustains me, and food.

What is one thing that you are good at?
I enjoy making people laugh. I love seeing people happy. Joking and laughing with the people I work with makes the work fun and the day goes by faster. I have made many friends while working here at BISM.

What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Virginia Beach. I love going there with my wife. Any beach will do. I am not a fan of seafood, but I love being by the water. It is so peaceful and relaxing.

What is the best complement you have ever received?
My daughter tells me I am a good father. Knowing that I can provide for my children means the world to me. If they are happy, I am happy.

What is something that you are proud of?
The man that I have become. My life is quite different than it once was, and I am grateful for that. Things that were once important to me are not anymore. What I wanted to be as a child looks vastly different. My family and my faith are what is most important to me these days.