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Meet Kevin Mason: Customer Care Specialist with 33 Years at BISM

Photo of Kevin standing in front of a white wall. He wears a pair of glasses, long-sleeve Blue BISM polo, and a fantastic smile.

Kevin Mason, a Baltimore native, began his BISM journey 33 years ago.

Working in a variety of departments over the years, Kevin currently is a Customer Care Specialist in our Baltimore Customer Service Department. With retirement around the corner, Kevin reflects on the strong role his parents played toward his success and shares what he has in store for the future. Check out his interview below.

Who has inspired you throughout your life?
I would have to say there are two people in my life who have inspired me. The first being my father. As a business owner of a Barbershop in Baltimore City, he taught me about the importance of having a strong work ethic and perseverance to be successful. My father cut hair up into his 80’s and he loved what he did. Watching him inspired me to always put my best foot forward. The other person who inspired me was my stepmother. She believed in the importance of having an education and encouraged me to attend college. She is the reason I graduated from CCBC Essex. I will always be appreciative of her encouragement to further my education.

Where was your first job?
My first job was working at my father’s Barbershop in the city. I was 12 years old and I would spend my Saturdays there helping wherever I was needed. I remember it being a great experience, but what I remember most is being able to earn my own money to buy the things I wanted.

What is your all-time favorite book that you have read?
The book that I will always remember reading while in High School was Man-Child from the Promise Land by Claud Brown. This book made such a strong impression on me as a young man. The book focused on the author’s early life of crime and how he turned his life around to eventually become a successful lawyer. His story taught me about getting second chances in life. Most importantly, it taught me about the power of creating your own success.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
As a kid, I met NBA player Wes Unseld who played for the Baltimore Bullets. He was a regular customer at my father’s shop so I had the chance to see him regularly. I even got to shine his shoes as a part of my job at the shop.

If there was ever an opportunity, who is a historical figure that you would have liked to meet?
I would have loved to meet Sydney Poitier. During my time, he was one of the most prominent respected Black actors in Hollywood.

What are your plans for retirement?
Great question! Rest and Relaxation is at the top of my list. I also plan on doing some traveling and working on projects around my home. Finally, I want to stay active so joining more social groups, in addition to the ones I’m already a part of is in my future.

What will you miss most about working at BISM?
The people. During my time here, I have met some wonderful people and built some incredible friendships.

Congrats to Kevin on his retirement! Thank you for all of your wonderful years of service to BISM! We wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors.